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2021/10/21 - 13:56 UTC

Main Address

Smurfit Kappa Deutschland GmbH
Tilsiter Strasse 162

Certificate Data

FSC-STD-40-003 V2-1;FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0

Valid Group member/sites

Site Subcode Name Street Town/City State/County Postal Code Country or Area Valid From Valid To
CU-COC-816290-23 Smurfit Kappa euro-lok-Werk Heppenheim Am Erbachwiesenweg 19 Heppenheim 64646 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-28 Smurfit Kappa Euskirchen Kolumbusstrasse 33 Euskirchen D-53881 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-27 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappe Zwiesel Am Talübergang 8 Zwiesel 94227 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-16 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Brühl Fischenicherstrasse 21 Brühl 50321 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-8 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Delitzsch Carl-Friedrich-Benz-Strasse 36 - 38 Delitzsch 04509 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-15 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Düsseldorf Am Hochofen 102 Düsseldorf 40549 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-26 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Feucht Industriestrasse 91 Feucht 90537 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-22 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Germersheim Hamburger Str. 3 Germersheim 76726 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-14 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Jülich Dürener Strasse 16 Jülich 52428 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-5 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Lauenburg Industriestrasse 3 Lauenburg D-21481 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-10 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Lübbecke Berliner Strasse 100 Lübbecke 32312 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-24 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Neuburg Sehensander Weg 17 Neuburg/Donau 86633 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-25 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Plattling Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 8 Plattling 94447 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-13 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Sarstedt Voss-Strasse 98 Sarstedt 31157 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-21 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Werk St - Leon An der Autobahn 1 St. Leon Rot 68789 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-20 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Werk Hanau Ruhrstrasse 5-9 Hanau 63452 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-17 Smurfit Kappa GmbH Werk Rheinwelle Dürenerstrasse 10-12 Kreuzau 52372 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-31 Smurfit Kappa Interwell GmbH & Co. KG Schellingstrasse 40 Haid bei Ansfelden A-4053 AUSTRIA
CU-COC-816290-30 Smurfit Kappa Neuss GmbH Am Fuchsberg 8 Neuss-Uedesheim 41468 GERMANY 2015-03-23
CU-COC-816290-2 Smurfit Kappa Service GmbH Tilsiter Straße 162 Hamburg D-22047 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-33 Smurfit Kappa Swisswell AG Industriestrasse 1 Mohlin CH-4313 SWITZERLAND
CU-COC-816290-12 Smurfit Kappa Wellit Wellpappenwerk GmbH & Co. KG Industriestrasse 2 Delbrück 33129 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-32 Smurfit Kappa Wellkart GmbH Am Kirchenholz 2 Horsching A-4063 AUSTRIA
CU-COC-816290-7 Smurfit Kappa Wellpappe Nord GmbH Tilsiter Straße 162 Hamburg D-22047 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-4 Smurfit Kappa Wellpappenwerk Lübeck GmbH Glashüttenweg 11 - 15 Lübeck D-23568 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-6 Smurfit Kappa Wellpappenwerk Schneverdingen GmbH Moorweg 55 Schneverdingen D-29640 GERMANY
CU-COC-816290-9 Smurfit Kappa Wellpappenwerk Waren GmbH Warendorfer Strasse 7 Waren 17192 GERMANY


Product Type Trade Name Species Primary Activity Secondary Activity Main Output Category
P5 Packaging and wrappings of paper
P5.1 Cardboard packaging
Secondary Processor brokers/traders with physical possession FSC Mix;FSC Recycled
P5 Packaging and wrappings of paper
P5.2 Corrugated paper packaging
Secondary Processor brokers/traders with physical possession FSC Mix;FSC Recycled
P4 Corrugated paper and paperboard brokers/traders without physical possession Secondary Processor FSC Controlled Wood;FSC Mix;FSC Recycled


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