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2018/09/20 - 8:24 UTC

Main Address

Solidus Solutions Board B.V. (Bad Nieuweschans)
Hoofdstraat 34
Bad Nieuweschans
9693 AH

Certificate Data

FSC-STD-40-007 V2-0;FSC-STD-40-003 V2-1;FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0

Valid Group member/sites

Site Subcode Name Street Town/City State/County Postal Code Country or Area Valid From Valid To
CU-COC-810587-G Solidus Solutions Belgium BVBA Industrieweg 17 Hoogstraten 2320 BELGIUM 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-F Solidus Solutions Bergen op Zoom B.V. Ravelstraat 28 Bergen op Zoom 4614 XD NETHERLANDS 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-C Solidus Solutions Board B.V. (Coevorden) Robertweg 2 Coevorden 7741 KX NETHERLANDS 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-B Solidus Solutions Board B.V. (Hoogkerk) Halmstraat 1-3 Hoogkerk 9745 BC NETHERLANDS 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-D Solidus Solutions Board B.V. (Oude Pekela) W.H. Bosgrastraat 82 Oude Pekela 9665 PH NETHERLANDS 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-E Solidus Solutions Oude Pekela B.V. Industrieweg West 3 Oude Pekela 9665 PX NETHERLANDS 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-I Solidus Solutions Zutphen B.V. Hanzeweg 5 Zutphen 7202 CG NETHERLANDS 2016-10-15 2018-10-13
CU-COC-810587-H Solidus UK Solutions ltd. 2 Arnsley Road, Corby Northants NN17 5QW UNITED KINGDOM 2018-10-13


Product Type Trade Name Species Primary Activity Secondary Activity Main Output Category
P5 Packaging and wrappings of paper
P5.1 Cardboard packaging
Secondary Processor FSC Mix
P3 Paperboard
P3.1 Uncoated paperboard
Primary Processor FSC Mix;FSC Recycled
P3 Paperboard
P3.4 Paperboardlaminates
Primary Processor FSC Mix;FSC Recycled
P3 Paperboard
P3.5 Metalized paperboard
Primary Processor FSC Mix


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